SEGNI, Giovanni Battista (1550-1610)
Discorso sopra la carestia, e fame.
Ferrara, appresso Benedetto Mamarello 1591.
4tp. 56,[4]p., numbered [1]-48,41-48,[1-4]. Contemp. carta rustica, slightly stained and damaged at back with an old repair.

First edition. This Discourse on famine and hunger was written shortly after a disastrous famine had struck Italy and parts of Southern Europe in the winter of 1590/91. It paints a startling picture of the miserable diet of the poor.
Segni, a canon at Bologna, attacked the manner in which the corn trade was conducted. He advocates severe restrictions on the corn trade, if not a total ban on the trade in the means of subsistence. He pleads for firm intervention by the government for the benefit of the poorer classes, in times of famine the rich should share their abundance with the poor. Very rare.
*Mattioli 3326. Nor this nor the second edition of 1602 in Kress, Kress, Italian, Goldsmiths' or Einaudi.