MANGOLDT, Hans von (1824-1868)
Grundriss der Volkswirthschaftslehre. Ein Leitfaden für Vorlesungen an Hochschulen und für das Privatstudium.
Stuttgart, J.Engelhorn 1863.
XVI,224p. Contemp. half cloth, corners worn. Small name stamp (‘E.Baumstark') on title, library bookplate to front paste-down. Two pages with mild brown offsetting from an inserted leaflet.
€ 1500

First edition. Mangoldt was a civil servant and professor of political science and economics at Göttingen and Freiburg and according to Schumpeter ‘among the century's most significant figures in our field‘.
This is one of his two important contributions to economic theory (the other being Die Lehre vom Unternehmergewinn of 1855). ‘It was a comprehensive but highly compressed work, which stands out not only for its path-breaking discussion of price formation but also for its liberal use of geometric diagrams, including the Marshallian cross of demand and supply. No doubt, Cournot, Dupuit and Gossen had been there before him but there is no evidence that Mangoldt knew anything of their writings.'
There was a second edition of this in 1863, but Schumpeter points out that that edition ‘leaves out the most original element in it, namely the geometrical apparatus that Mangoldt devised for the theory of international values; but Edgeworth brought it to light again'.
*Schumpeter p. 503-504. M.Blaug, Great economists before Keynes, p.148.